The self-paced "Core Programs" are built on the following formula for success and include:


* A library of  previous bar exam essay questions (some in each of the thirteen subject areas covered on the bar),                which may be completed any time anywhere per the individual's schedule and submitted twice weekly online for a                  written evaluation and numerical score per bar standards.

* A library of former CA PT and MPT bar exam questions to be completed in the same manner as the essay questions.

One on one tutoring sessions to build on written feedback, focus on techniques for better legal analysis, develop a study    schedule, provide individual PT coaching and meet other individual needs.

An initial CA bar exam writing diagnostic session wherein the main areas for the individual to focus in his/her        preparation are identified and the tools for success are given using a past essay question as the medium.

A PT instruction session wherein one learns step by step precisely how to contruct an answer to a PT based on                    issue spotting, rule extraction and analysis in terms of what the graders are looking for.

A step by step method for success reflecting the actual grading criteria for the bar is provided and                                        incorporated into all practice questions and sessions.  

A "tutor hotline" whereby one may email quick questions throughout the program for a same day response.

An MBE strategy that ties directly into the methodology for the written portion of the exam.

* Core Substantive Rule Statements/Templates/Outlines for greater ease in organizing essay answers, triaging one's          studies, and efficiency via concise, clear rules specifically tailored to the scope of the law tested in the essays.

​* Skills assessments to pinpoint exactly where one needs to focus in order to efficiently and more rapidly improve scores.

Have your writing graded by someone who actually graded the bar exam before you take it!

Get detailed feedback and have your writing examined line by line--NOT a few generic stock comments that tell you little to nothing about your specific needs!  

Comments like "more analysis needed" and "spot more issues" are insufficient.  I give you a specific technique, examples and restructure your own written work line by line, issue by issue where necessary, eliminating the guess work.


Do you remember Rocky Balboa’s trainer, Mickey? Do you remember Mickey being on Rocky’s side during those long and tiresome fights? Well, John was my Mikey during the California bar exam. When I encountered a difficult and tiresome essay question, I thought about John’s valuable essay techniques. John trained and conditioned me to successfully pass the July 2008 California bar exam with the confidence I was lacking on my first try. 

My first attempt at the California bar exam was February 2008. When I got my score card, I realized that I needed to improve my essay scores. I thought about going back to my bar review course for additional tutoring. Unfortunately, some of the major bar review courses fail to give you the necessary tools to pass the essay portion of the bar exam. In fact, many of the so-called expert essay tutors have never graded for the California bar exam. Rather, these so-called experts are just former law students who have done well in law school. But doing well in law school is not enough to pass the California bar exam. 

I then decided to look for someone who has actually graded California bar exam; I was looking for a person who actually failed people on the California bar exam. I wanted to pick at this person’s brain and to REALLY find out what it takes to pass the bar exam. I then found John. 

John’s technique in teaching his students how to write passing essays is unique. Rather than telling you that you passed/failed an essay – like most of the major bar review courses do – he gives you a numerical score with a detailed explanation behind that score. He grades your essay as if he was actually grading the real thing. Unlike a pass/fail score, his numerical grading technique allows you to determine where you stand and where areas of improvement are needed. 

Finally, ALL applicants can use John’s help. Whether you failed miserably or were very close to passing, John can offer you his services. 

Good luck on the bar exam and in all your future endeavors.

California Western School of Law

When I set to studying for the bar the second time, I was determined not to leave myself any excuses. I had failed at the essays, and so was focused on learning to write for the bar. I spoke with five different tutors, all recommended to me, and actually sat down with three of them. I chose John because he was the only one who actually made me feel LESS anxious about the process of studying and the exam ahead. To anyone determined not to leave themselves any excuses, I highly recommend John. You won’t regret it!

Stanford Law School

John was just what I needed. I had suffered through two previous unsuccessful attempts at the Bar. John put me on the right course and was amazing. He was part tutor, part psychologist. Not only did he give me the tools to pass the Bar, he also gave me back the confidence I had lost. His experience as an attorney, as well as a California bar grader has allowed him to fine tune his program to provide you with the skills you absolutely need to make sure your next bar exam is your last! 

Empire School of Law

I am a California attorney today because of John. Doing well is law school is not enough to pass the California bar. 

There are tricks to the trade that no one ever explains as well as John does. John has the insight to take your style and make it work. He grades your essays just like the bar graders. John teaches you the “how to write” with an efficient methodology that will allow you to earn a passing score. He then gives you an actual score on your writing of recent bar questions – and explains the “why” you got the score and the “what” you should do to make the essay a stronger score. 

It is no secret – the California bar exam is the most difficult bar exam in this country. It is no shame to take it twice. I took the California bar in February 2008 and was crushed when I didn’t pass – even though the pass rate was only 38%. I had worked so hard. I was determined to pass the second time and knew I needed a tutor- the right tutor and mentor- to make it happen. 

I followed John’s “plan” … I did every essay and did every PT exam in his Program I. I did the MBE questions religiously. I took John’s comments seriously – and learned to write an exam that made it easy for the grader.

 The night I found out that I passed… my first to toast was to all of the friends that stood by my side through law school, the second was to John who made the first toast possible. My belief is that if you graduate from law school and you follow John’s program, you too will be drinking champagne the night the bar results come out. 

Southwestern Law School

Thank you so much for all your help.  You have been the greatest thing that has happened to my bar review.  I thank you so much for your patience, your kindness and so many other things.  

Believe me, I will support your future efforts in any way I can.  No matter what, I can honestly say that this was the most honest, forthright, conscientious bar review/tutoring I have seen.  Your peers in the industry could learn some lessons from you.  

Thank you so much, Mr. Crossfield.  

Concord School of Law

I am naturally hesitant to recommend the services of another because I feel that if the person I recommend does not get good service it is also a reflection on me and my reputation. However, I have never been hesitant to recommend John. In fact, I have sent nearly a dozen of my good friends and colleagues to John for his bar tutoring services.

A few of things that help John stand out above the rest are his professionalism throughout the study period, his past experience as an actual CA bar exam grader, the truly individual attention he gives to each of his students, and, specifically, the attention that he gives to each student's individual essays.

Unlike other services that simply state that you need "more analysis," John will get right to the heart of the matter and point out what you're missing, what you don't need, and at which point in your analysis you deviated from the correct line of reasoning---ALL THROUGH THE EYES OF SOMEONE WHO ACTUALY GRADED THE BAR AND ESTABLISHED THE GRADING STANDARDS!        I was always amazed by the specificity of his comments on my essays and his clear, concise method for giving the graders what they want. He elimiated all the "guess work" and the frustration that went with it.  

Golden Gate University School of Law 

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