More likely than not, you already have well over $450,000 invested in becoming an attorney.  That's three years of tuition, books, fees, the opportunity cost of not having a full-time career oriented job for that period, living expenses, etc. In an effort to be competitive, affordable and sensitive to your overall investment I've priced my services beginning at approximately 1% of the total cost of what many pay to obtain a law license and less than many law school tuition rates for a three hour course.  For further information on services and fees please submit the following.   

How much have you invested in your legal education?
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If you have taken the California bar exam at least once please include the following:
Number Of Times You Have Taken The California Bar Exam:
Provide The Dates And INDIVIDUAL Scores For Each Exam: 

(I must have each individual essay/PT score, the 
total written scaled score, your MBE score and the 
total overall scaled score to evaluate your needs.)

​Note: The Bar sends out a letter with the individual scores on 
Friday May 17.  Those in N. Cal. typically receive it by no later than the following Monday while those in So. Cal. get it by the
the following Tuesday.  If you do not yet have your score
letter please fill out the form now and send the scores later.

Why do you think you did not pass?
How Did You Hear About Me?

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What Other Jurisdictions Are You Licensed In, If Any? 
What city and state will you be located in during your bar studies? 

Will you be taking the General or Attorneys' exam?