Knowledge Comes From Experience...
...and what better experience for tutoring others for the California bar than having actually graded it?  After passing on my first attempt,  I was recruited by the State Bar of California where I received extensive training on how to grade the written portion of the bar exam.  Since then I have consulted for bar review companies, worked with law school administrators and successfully coached candidates from across a broad selection of schools and backgrounds.

I can relate to attorney applicants from other states in that I am licensed in both California and Texas, another state that relies heavily on essays to evaluate their bar candidates.  I made the transition to California six years into in my over twenty year legal career.  Having personally been there, I can appreciate the attorney applicant's situation.

I was an instructor at San Francisco Law School where I taught bar exam writing skills.  In addition, I taught business law at San Francisco State University for over a decade and have served periodically as an adjunct professor of law at Golden Gate University School of Law in the area of bar exam writing skills and analysis.  These experiences round out my involvement in helping others reach their educational and professional goals. 

I look forward to helping you make your next California bar exam your last!

John H. Crossfield II
CA Bar #218874

* Former California Bar Exam Grader
* Law Professor
* University Professor
* Practicing Attorney
* Bar Exam Writing Consultant
* Member of Two Bars
* Former Kaplan PMBR Tutor